Peppers Guest House

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Heritage design with integrity and innovation

The architectural challenge in the design of Peppers Guest House was to re-create history in a distinctive boutique style without compromising on luxury and indulgence.

Peppers Guesthouse saw the concept of “nouveau heritage tourism design” coming to life for the first time in the Hunter Valley some thirty years ago, a trend that has been followed extensively since.

Peppers Retreat offers contemporary comforts within an atmosphere of history that connects us to the skilled generations before us that established the local wine industry.  The attention to detail in the heritage architecture creates an atmosphere of history and supports the sense of indulgence and luxury that compliments a fine wine and culinary tourism adventure.

Ready to open doors in 1984, Peppers Guest House was the very first Peppers Retreat and pioneered the defining elements of all Peppers Retreats today. Pictured above is the original artist’s impression of the resort as well as photographs of Peppers Retreat today.